TR-707 As Midi Controller?

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TR-707 As Midi Controller?

Postby kickscollin » 20:49, 12 July 2015

Hello all! I've been attempting to make use of the tr707 I found in my workplace's storage. It sounds brilliant and functions normally as far as I can tell. However there is one function I cannot seem to make work. I'm attempting to "[Transmit] MIDI message from the composer" as the manual says it can, Which from my understanding basically makes the buttons on the 707 fire off MIDI notes through the MIDI out into something. I've got an M-Audio Fast Track Ultra 8r with MIDI in and when I normally plug in a controller, the MIDI in light comes on only when a button is pressed, and the MIDI activity shows up in my DAW where I have the Fast Track Ultra 8r routed to. However with the 707 the MIDI in light is constantly on, and the midi notes never show up in my DAW.

Ive included the Manual's process fro sending midi data, and i've read very carefully and followed the instructions but to no avail. Does anyone have any advice as to how to do this process?


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Re: TR-707 As Midi Controller?

Postby phrank » 05:44, 18 March 2017

Hi, just trying to get some info about TR-707 with Midi. Do you had any success? Do you know if it’s possible to transmit midi data like patterns or tracks to any DAW like Ableton?

Greets Phrank
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