U-20 SysEx Load Help

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U-20 SysEx Load Help

Postby bulls2v » 06:23, 18 October 2010

I've had a Roland U20 for about 20 years and recently the battery died in it. I know, I'm on really old technology here, but I enjoy playing it. I took the keyboard apart and replaced the battery. I then turned it back on and noticed all my patches are missing with the exception of acoustic piano. I've downloaded the sysex file from the Roland site and tried playing it using gnmidi.exe on Windows XP and a SoundBlaster Sound card and saw the receiving information message in the Roland LED display, but still none of the other patches are showing up. My gut tells me that the gnmidi program i'm using is not sending every command back to the Roland since it is not registering any more of the patches. Is there a highly recommended piece of software I should be using to play the sysex file into the U-20. I'm running Windows XP and sending Midi signals across a sound card cable. Yes, I know that has been replaced by USB, but I'm receiving messages so I don't think the cable is at fault. Any suggestions for debugging this problem would be greatly appreciated?
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Re: U-20 SysEx Load Help

Postby francvania » 18:46, 19 October 2010

I've been using midiox but sending through a USB midi cable and it's been flawless for the last couple of years. I use it to transfer patches and OS updates from my old laptop running windows XP to my Alesis ION.

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Re: U-20 SysEx Load Help

Postby charles_ » 20:19, 30 November 2010

i had same trouble , make sure (you remember the menu in the u20 ???)
make sure all the data in the menu agrees with what u wan tto send , like the correct transfer channel tx
correct reeieve channel rx
sys ex enable
local etc etc
i got some awesome stuff for my u20 ,, no reason u shouldn't too!

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Re: U-20 SysEx Load Help

Postby exaisle » 12:07, 11 December 2010

I have 2 U-20's and I want to transfer all of the sysex data (patches, midi setups etc) from one to the other. Is it possible to transfer directly from one to the other ie. via midi cable from the midi out on one to the midi in on the other?

If so, would anybody be good enough to give step-by-step instructions please?


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Re: U-20 SysEx Load Help

Postby exaisle » 15:12, 11 December 2010

Update..I have managed to save the sysex (all data) of the older U20 to my pc (making sure that the device ID is 17 etc).. However, when I try and load it into the newer U20, the "Receiving sysex" message only comes up for a second, at most, and none of the patches or other setup data is transferrerd.

I tried saving just patch data as a sysex (worked out around 11k rather than 33k for the full dump) and when I "Played" this from my PC, the "receiving Sysex" message came up for several seconds, but unfortunately, none of the patches have changed. I have also made sure that "receive sysex" is set to "on".

Any help gratefully received!

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Re: U-20 SysEx Load Help

Postby Mr_Mojo_Risin » 18:21, 31 March 2015

New Roland U-20 Website went live today

Lots of useful info about this classic keyboard: Patches - DIY's - Tips N' Tricks

Link: http://llamamusic.com/u20/u-20.html
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