D-550 power supply question

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D-550 power supply question

Postby r2x10 » 07:16, 10 January 2014

So my D-550 just arrived from the states today, but on the rear panel it says 117V and I need 220V here.

From searching around the net I've found some say the D-550 will automatically switch and work with 100/117/220/240 no problem (and yes, the cable plug will fit outlets here). Others have said they use a step down converter (I only have 220>110 and 220>100 -both are good quality converters). And finally, others have said they soldered a wire and changed a fuse -I don't have a soldering iron or fuses here unfortunately. As I've never soldered anything and don't have the tools, hopefully, I wont have to go this route)..

I contacted Roland tech support, but have yet to receive a reply. Obviously, I don't want to try plugging anything in before getting some confirmation on this. I'd REALLY appreciate some help with figuring this out so I can fire up this baby!

Cheers :)
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Re: D-550 power supply question

Postby pp10050 » 10:57, 8 August 2014

Hi, if you haven't sorted this yet, according to the circuit diagram there are 4 "taps" on the mains transformer. you need to take the live lead off the one its on and move it to end one, probably marked 240. the taps are for 100v, 117v, 220v and 240v.

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