D110 Funny operation

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D110 Funny operation

Postby tapehead » 09:14, 6 October 2014

I hot D110 for really cheap. Unit is in ok shape, minimum noise at output at high volume but:

It drove me crazy trying to save anything on it. And then i got a new battery. But, it still works weird in combination with midiquest. Only patch A1 i can be sure that it will be always present, patches in different slots that i make with midiquest or on the unit can disappear in mid operation, or when powering on.

I may have been doing something wrong, but i thought you could load sysex bank into it, then load contents of the unit into midiquest, then save single tones ( as midiquest .ton files ) which you could then load into empty device in tone bank? or am i wrong? That i managed to do but only once

It appears that some capacitors on the analog board leaked god knows when, they are not bloated, but there is residue around their base , and unit wont turn on, i have to gently tap those caps to make it work. Since then i have left it open, not using it until i get replacement capacitors. Could it be that messy caps somehow made mess in the saving process of patches or could it be that the main memory is failing ?

Oh, and for the time being i use cheap usb midi interface.

Many thanks in advance
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