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Re: What synthesizers do you own?

Postby Vlad_77 » 22:23, 25 March 2010

Currently: (and yes I am a Roland whore)

Fantom X8 w/audio exp. and classic keys SRX

XV-88: God I LOVE this keyboard. I know, no sequencer, only ONE MFX plus chorus and reverb, but, damn, there is just "something" about this axe that I LOVE.

JP-8000: Nurgley, wheez, fat, boom

SH-32: Yes, I know there are MUCH better VAs out there including the non-Roland I will be listing below, but this little module ROARS!!

Juno-106: Yes, it's simple, yes it's really "old", but, again, a love affair.

Kurzweil PC3: Inspiration! And its VA-1, combined with KB3 and Dynamic VAST, 32 layers per patch, 16 independent arps, programmable riffs, and an unlimited track sequencer make this a BAD mutha of a synth. HELL to program though - steepest learning curve I have ever encountered since my old K2000.

Wavestation EX: What can I say? I still love wave sequencing and vector weirdness, and I don't have to emulate it :)

TG-33: Just a fun little guy that when MIDIed to the Wavestation makes some very cool pads.

WANT to own and would sell my soul: V-Synth!!!!!!!!

USED to own and regretting selling them:

K2000: Sure, obsolete with the addition of the PC3, but, still a lot of power.

Oberheim Matrix 6: Why the HELL did I sell it???!!!! ACK

Korg DW-8000: Kevin Moore used to use this and the following on my list. Had some cool lead sounds and easy to program.

DSS-1: Ridiculously heavy, and really impractical, it was my first sampler. BUT, it had this cool ability to draw your own (simplistic) waveforms and use them to build patches. Steve Winwood used the DSS-1 for years.

M1R: I thi9nk that M1s are so old they might be new again. Yep, we heard this one everywhere in those days just like we heard the Triton everywhere some 10 years on. Still a fun module though :)

Sequential Circuits Six Trak: One of the FIRST multitimbral synths and a true analogue. I still remember hitting shift six to tune the oscillators on hot out door gigs. The stack mode allowed you to take six different patches and knock them together for a BIG monophonic lead patch of the apocalypse.

Poly 800: Was my first synth and I should have kept it just for that reason alone. And of COURSE, there are very cool mods for it now. Who knew?

Previously owned but NOT regretting the sale:

Kawai K1-II: It LOOKED cool, but only sounded meh. In fact, I think I liked ONE patch out of it. :)

Roland S-10: ACK, PTOOIE!!!!!!! I mean, Quik Disks??!!!!

Casio CZ-1000: Ummmm, I think I was tripping when I bought it.
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Re: What synthesizers do you own?

Postby Rodan » 06:18, 26 March 2010

V-synth GT (thank you cheungaryk!).

I have fooled around with Reason, but could never really get into it. Have to say that I really prefer the hardware. Perhaps the only music software I really enjoyed was Music Mouse. Anyone else old enough to remember that program?
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Re: What synthesizers do you own?

Postby Vlad_77 » 08:46, 27 March 2010


You have a V-Synth-GT? The very synth I would sell my soul AND yours for???

I LOATHE the very air you breathe :) (Actually, since I am actually an anaerobic organism, I suppose I loathe the air that ALL of you breathe. But, you get my point) ;)
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Re: What synthesizers do you own?

Postby Andy Keys » 12:34, 27 March 2010

Hi Rodan, Do you mean Laurie Spiegel's MusicMouse? Yeah, I still use it occasionally for fun. Especially on the laptop with the touchy mousepad thing :o)
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Re: What synthesizers do you own?

Postby Rodan » 21:16, 27 March 2010

@Andy: Yes, thanks for the name, Laurie Spiegel. I had forgotten. That is the program that got me interesting in doing more than just listening to music. I was just fascinated by what the algorithm might be that made it sound musical.

Wait! Did you say you still run it? I thought that program was so old it wouldn't run on any modern Mac.

@Vlad: Yes, I bought the V-Synth from Gary having never actually seen one. All I can say is it is even more beautiful than I had imagined. I spent several days just exploring patches with the Sound Shaper II button. Then the day that I hit the Pro Edit button, it brought tears to my eyes. I must say that I still find myself grinning when I start to play it.
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Re: What synthesizers do you own?

Postby cheungaryk » 21:50, 28 March 2010

Glad to hear so, Ron. :) I am pretty happy about what I have now, but I still miss the V-synth sometimes. It's such an unique and powerful instrument.
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Re: What synthesizers do you own?

Postby Rodan » 02:30, 29 March 2010

Hey Gary, I didn't think of it until I had the board at home, but I should have had you autograph it. That way when you become famous it will really be unique.

Thanks again. The instrument is in perfect condition.
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Re: What synthesizers do you own?

Postby Andy Keys » 10:23, 29 March 2010

@Rodan, I bought the Atari STe version a few years back direct from Laurie and had a very nice conversation with her about the software, algorhythmic music software and so on. Oh, and Kepler's theory of the Music of the Spheres :o)

I mainly run it on the STeem engine (Atari emulator) on the PC, or sometimes hook up the old ST for that full-on Old Skool feel. It is a very inspiring piece of software.

You've made me want to get it out and take it for a spin again, now.

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Re: What synthesizers do you own?

Postby Vstream.be » 09:29, 7 April 2010

Roland FantomX7, srx98 & srx07:
Still my main workhorse, masterkeyboard, sketchbook. I only wish it had 2Gb Flash ROM and motorized faders.

Roland JD800 with all 8 cards:
My favourite synth ever. Fat (but digital sounding), beautiful, easy to program.
Couldn't afford it when it was released.

Roland JD800:
Another one...

Korg Prohecy + Analog-Vintage & Modern Models cards:
My wife bought this for me.

Korg Radias:
Bought this cheap secondhand in mint condition. Impressed, sounds very very good and sound IMO better as the Virus TI.

Ensoniq SD1 32 voice:
Polyphonic aftertouch and IMO the warmest sounding digital synth I have ever heard.

Alesis Fusion 6HD:
Superb synth as second synth on stage or in the studio but not as main workstation. Reverb quality is it's weakest point.
Bought it new for 800 Euro, a bargain.

Roland JD990 + Roland Experience II Exp board & Modern Sonics & Modern Masters card.
If you own a JD800 you should own a JD990 too.

Roland D550:
A classic. I just love it.

Korg EX8000:
The only synth I still own with analog filters.

Sounds huge and powerful. Bought this second hand for 150 Euro!

Alesis S4+ with HipHop,Vintage Keys,Vintage Synths,Eurodance,Sanctuary,Latin,Expando banks:
You can buy this for 150 Euro on ebay, has great sounds and with an expando card it has an impressive 1536 Programs!

Alesis QSR:
Same as the S4+ but with two slots, also bought this cheap.

Korg M1R ex:
The one with the extra "T" samples.

Waldorf Blofeld with sample upgrade:
Already a classic, for it's price unbeatable

Creamware prodyssey:
Very very good VA ARP odyssey emulation, this synth just screams.

Ensoniq SQR:
Fat but unreliable, sometimes reboots without any reason.

Roland JV1080 & Techno,Dance,Vintage,Vocal:
A classic

Terratec Area 61 (2X):
Good masterkeyboard with build in audio asio card and USB-midi.(rock solid drivers!)
Bought them on ebay for about 90 Euro a piece.

Edirol PCR300:
Best little controller ever!

Akai LPK25:
When space is a problem.

Camel Audio Alchemy:
The best VSTI for programmers ever.

Terratec Komplexer:
Loads waldorf µQ sounds (& wavetables!) & is actually the father of the newer Largo.
Sound HUGE (got this for free with the terratec area 61 keyboard)

Image Line: Harmless
Simple but very good sounding

Image Line: Sytrus
Love this one.


Roland Juno 106:
My first synth ever (after the MSX computer with build in FM card)

Roland W30:
Sold it after 3 months to get a ...

Ensoniq VFX:
Superb sounds but unreliable. Was the first owner in Belgium.

Roland Jupiter 8:
Strange but I do not regret selling this beast. Price I got was OK.

Alesis Quadrasynth:
Was replaced by a brand new Roland XP80. Bought a S4+ & QSR 2nd hand afterwards.

Roland JX10:
Great keyboard! Superb sounds.

Roland D10:
Sorry, but compared to the D50 this was a toy

Roland D50:
Sold it to get a D550.

Korg DW8000:
Sold it to get a EX8000 rack version.

Waldorf microwave2:
Sold it just before the blofeld was released. With the latest firmware you can load the microwave2 wavetables.

Korg Wavestation A/D:
Wanted to buy the vsti version but haven't bought it yet.

Biggest junk ever. Noisy, low CPU, unreliable software, very limited in compatible vsti's.
Poor to none support.
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Re: What synthesizers do you own?

Postby quebec88 » 01:05, 5 August 2010

Currently Have:

Roland Fantom G6
Korg Radias R
Novation X-Station 25

Previously Had:

Roland Alpha Juno 1
Roland D5
Roland EG-101
Korg M1 Expanded
Korg N364
Korg X5D
Korg DW8000
Korg MS2000
Korg Microkorg
Korg Karma
Korg Prophecy
Korg Wavestation
Yamaha DX7s
Yamaha SY35
Yamaha An1x
Yamaha DX21
Yamaha TX81Z
Alesis Micron
Clavia Nord Lead 2
Novation K-Station
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Re: What synthesizers do you own?

Postby Beantown » 23:10, 3 September 2010

Newly Acquired


This thing is a Dinosaur... but it sounds great! Can't wait to get to work with it.
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Re: What synthesizers do you own?

Postby piaknowguy » 00:17, 4 September 2010

Congrats Beantown!

This is a great module!! Fill it with some jv80 boards. =D

Please feel free to listen to Pirates
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Re: What synthesizers do you own?

Postby cossb » 00:24, 4 September 2010

man! youre filthy rich there are some who can't even afford a simple casio built in speakers that they sell at wallmart or future shop...what can i say.....
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Re: What synthesizers do you own?

Postby hoodedclaw » 20:33, 5 September 2010

I own...

Elektron Machinedrum UW+ MkII
Elektron Monomachine SFX-60 MkII
Clavia Nord Rack 2X
Roland Fantom-Xa (516mb Memory, SRX-07 Ultimate Keys Expansion)
Roland JV-2080 (Orchestral, Vintage Synth, Super Sound Set, Vocal & Orchestral 2 Expansion Boards)
Roland TB-303 x2
Roland TR-606
Roland TR-808
Roland TR-909
Sonic Core Minimax ASB

Originally had a Fantom X6 but downgraded to the Xa, didn't like the colour screen on the X6 tbh. Strange i know!
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Re: What synthesizers do you own?

Postby RevP » 15:46, 7 September 2010

I own...
Roland Fantom X6 (maxed memory with symph strings, brass, ultimate keys exp, Sinevibes V-Planet)
Roland Fantom X8 (maewxed memory with El Pno Card & Coakley Piano)
Korg R3 (just love this little analog synth with vocoder)
Proteus X & Proteus 2000
Korg CX-3 (loved the tones, leslie needs a little work but still very useable)
Korg SV-1 (loving it...great editor...loving it, new for live performance)
Kurzweil PC2X (I never really liked it but inherited this one on the job)

I had a roland XP & Emu MP7 but were stolen from my office. I miss these terribly. I made some great compositions on these that have been difficult to reproduce on my other gear. a
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