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Postby canefire » 17:15, 26 January 2012

If anyone is using the moogerfooger low pass filter, the murf, the ring mod , or that cluster flux, please let me know if they are worth it.
I am thinking that I may be able to warm up the filtering with the LPF, or make interesting sounds with the murf and others. Anyone have practical knowledge on these units?
All of the items I am looking at are being sold for about $100 off by two people in my area. The murf is priced at $350.
I also see a little phatty for $650. Maybe that is a better buy.
Who here likes moog? or is it overpriced stuff?

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Re: Moogerfoogers

Postby ozy » 12:34, 27 January 2012

I used and definitely recommend the basic LPF (two of them).

I used it at the output stage of a rompler with non-VA filters, and I definitely got excellent sounds.

I used the ring modulator but later sold it. Could do without.

I owned and sold the phatty. It would be a long story. To make it short: I own several other analogues, and there was just no love between us (something to do with the moog sounding always like a moog, no matter how you program it, while I want my synths to sound like ME. And some follow me rather than leading me).

But it is a nice machine, so I am not discouraging you.

Only, be advised that the same money will buy you a Oberheim SEM [one hell of a nasty little guy], or a used Dopefer a-100 [try modulating a filter with various sources, all of them purely analogue and naturally smooth and randomized], or THREE mophos desktop (the keyboard mopho is lame, the desktop is nice) or ONE AND A HALF tetr4.

And I restricted my list to top-notch and widely available (new and used) synths. More are available.

So, in a nutshell:

a) you may want to immediately spend 100 bucks on a moog lpf. you'll use it a lot. have fun.

b) you may want to examine carefully, and IN PERSON, the phatty, and compare its character and flexibility to other synths
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Re: Moogerfoogers

Postby canefire » 14:29, 28 January 2012

Thank you for this valuable info. Looks like the LPF and the midi murf will be on my to buy list. I can do without the little phatty. Glad you mentioned getting two. Now I will you tube the other analog items you named.
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Re: Moogerfoogers

Postby MartyM » 09:36, 28 February 2013

I wonder which way you went with your MF choice ?

I use three of them, Filter, Freq box and the ring modulator.

I can patch them across several things but mainly they are connected to a
Doepfer Dark Energy.
Using CV and Audio connections, they turn the Doepfer into a 2 OSC analog
with a Moog filter and ring mod - quite a tasty combination :-)

Not the cheapest things so choose wisely, built like tanks though and the sound
and range of control is really fantastic.

Cheers, Marty.
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