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Samplers question

Postby Gambler » 00:49, 25 March 2013

I'm looking for a hardware sampler/looper. Considering between Kaoss Pad 3 and SP-404 (maybe SX model). KP3 looks like a fun and sensibly priced device, but apparently it has some pretty silly limitations. I doesn't have anything for continuous overdubbing, doesn't allow to trigger overdubbing via MIDI and has only 11 to 13 seconds of sample time per pad. Additionally, you cannot apply effects to individual pads, only to master.

SP-404 is far more capable, but the interface looks clunkier and it's pretty expensive, especially the SX version.

If you have any recommendations or comments, I would appreciate them.

Edit: The reason I want a sampler is to build backing loops for Juno Gi. Its drum sequencer takes all the fun out of beat creation, and making even a simple loop in its recorded is slow and painful. Hm... Come to think of it, maybe I should simply sell the Gi and buy a used Fantom X6? The difference in prices will be roughly equal to the price of a good sampler, and X6 has (hopefully) better recorder.
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