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“Midi Patch Changer” Device

Postby glenncaw » 12:45, 2 January 2014

I currently use a “Midi Patch Changer” device (controller) that I have programmed to change patches on my Fantom X7 and Juno Gi, with a single entry code that I enter on a simple key pad. These keyboards are linked together by midi with the controller. This unit is capable of sending and controlling patches simultaneously on numerous Midi Keyboards or other devices connected together with the “Midi Patch Changer” all with a single pre-programmed code. You can apply them it to single patch changes (up to 200 presets) or program in a chain of presets to suit your set lists, using a very simple to use editor supplied by the manufacturer. You can of course use other programs such as MidiOx etc if you prefer.

I was very pleased to find this product on the internet and having used it extensively over the last year would recommend it to anyone using multiple keyboards or other devices on stage or in any situation where quick patch changes are required.

If anyone is interested, this “Midi Patch Changer” device can be researched on the MusicTechologies website. It’s a great unit that streamlines and speeds up patch changes on multiple keyboards – great for live performance in poor lighting conditions.
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