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Roland KC500

Postby jcift1 » 19:45, 20 October 2014

HI, just an fyi.........
I own a Roland KC 500 and it works great. However, I also own a 5 string bass along with my keyboard, and I wanted to be able to user the amp for both instruments. The amp worked with the bass fine until I hit the low B string, and then the speaker would just go to hell, as it can't handle it. I took my amp to Guitar Center, they swapped out my 100 watt speaker for a 600 watt, 6 ohm speaker. WOW!!!!! it sounds better than most 'stacks' now! for less than $200 too! I had considered purchasing a stack, but not anymore!
I posted this just in case anyone bass player/keyboardist is looking for a do-it-all amp.
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