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Postby Tom_1970 » 09:02, 15 October 2015

On request of users in the Boutique topic I share my thoughts of my recently bought Reface DX.

Initially I was not too impressed with the announcement of the Reface line.
After I watched/heard some demos that changes. Although I think both the piano and organ sounds good, I don't see a point in getting such performance instruments with small keys. As for the CS, I think the features and edit capabilites are too restricted for me. It derived from the AN1x/PLG150-AN and since I have two of the latter I don't see a added value in the Reface CS.

The DX however did appeal to me after watching and hearing some demos.
I always had a weak spot for FM sounds, but never become friends with the interfaces of the FM instrument I owned. I had a PLg150-DX which had a editor that was a software copy of the original DX-7 interface. It never got me past the presets. The DX-200 had some controllers but also didn't get me any deeper into FM synthesis and the same was the case with the FM synth in my Nord Modular G2.

The Reface DX learned me more about FM synthesis in an day than all the other instruments in their lifetime.
Sure, just for 'sliders' isn't too much when it comes to control, but I think the interface of the DXis very clever and gives you more control than the original DX-7.
The DX only has four operators, but with feedback on all the operators you can turn every operator into a Sawtooth or Pulse, which expands the sonic possibilities when compared to the DX-100.
The DX also has two effect slots with the following effects to choose from: Distortion, Touch Wah, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Delay, Reverb.
Although the features are a little restricted (you can't set the feedback of the delay for instance) they sound very good in my opinion.

The build quality is very good for such a small instrument.
When I compare it to the Microkorg or Micro-X the Reface is definitely the winner.
I am not took keen on mini keys, but the keyboard of the DX is as good as mini keys can get.

The MIDI implementation is quite extensive so you can make your own editors.
In fact I did make a simple editor in Lemur.

This inspired another user to make a full editor for Lemur which is very good.

I really like the Reface DX.
It brought FM synthesis back into my studio in a more accessible way then ever.
I don't know if Yamaha will develop new FM synths, but the Reface DX fulfills my FM needs adequately.
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