VR09 MIDI limitations - Need Help Please

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VR09 MIDI limitations - Need Help Please

Postby mysterydigit » 02:32, 12 May 2016

I am running my V-Synth GT to my VR09. I would hate to do it the other way around because the keys are so much nicer on the V-Synth. The VR-09 does not pass MIDI from the MIDI IN to MIDI OUT and there is no THRU. I haven't seen a note filter setting anywhere.

The VR09 receives the MIDI correctly. Am I missing something or do I have to buy an external device to split the MIDI to the VR09 and sequencer separately? (This discovery has been very frustrating).
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Re: VR09 MIDI limitations - Need Help Please

Postby organplayer1 » 17:07, 1 June 2016

I have just purchased a vr-09 myself and don't know everything about it yet so here it goes. Go to the menu and then to midi and see if you can change the midi out to a soft thru. I can't remember if it has that function or not. the fa-08 does and it seems to be the way tech is going. To be clear, you are connecting the V-synth to the Vr-09 correct? If you are you don't need a soft thru unless you are going to something else. You just set the mode in the VR-09 to 3 and set the main midi channel, take the cable out of the V-synth to the in of the VR-09 and see if it responds correctly. I don't have my VR in front of me so I can't really say but that is just basic babble on my part. anyway I hope this helps even a little bit............good luck and play on........Terry
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