[Roland XV] Searching for lilchips XVTOOLKIT XVTK010.zip

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[Roland XV] Searching for lilchips XVTOOLKIT XVTK010.zip

Postby frankylfrank » 15:22, 15 March 2013

Hi everybody,
i've been searching for the lilchips tool called XVTOOLKIT which was freely
downloadable on their website back in 2004.

the file was called 'XVTK010.zip' size: '2.01MB' and date: '03/09/2004'

The web archive page is at:

does someone still has this file somewhere laying around and could send it to me
by email?

it's very urgent and i'd be absolutely thrilled.

i've already contacted mr. lilchips himself but it's beyond me why we doesn't want to give it to me. he said it was built for older windows 95/2000 but that's ok for me, he also said it was never finished due to lack of interest (still in beta) which is also ok for me. having that said to him, he never answered back, that's the reason why i've been searching for someone who has downloaded that file back in 2004 when mr lilchips gave this tool for free to anyone out there.

thanks very much in advance for any help.

cheers frank
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Re: [Roland XV] Searching for lilchips XVTOOLKIT XVTK010.zip

Postby Studiostriver » 03:04, 9 March 2014

I know that chances are very small but it will not hurt to ask.
After all this time still no one uploaded this software?
If anyone have it please send it to my pm,please.
Thanks in advance.
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Re: [Roland XV] Searching for lilchips XVTOOLKIT XVTK010.zip

Postby timbo1000 » 20:42, 6 April 2014

Hello there, did you manage to find the XV toolkit software as Im also looking for it.
Thanks tim
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