JX-305 entire User bank suddenly gone, incl recordings

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JX-305 entire User bank suddenly gone, incl recordings

Postby jv1010midi » 11:29, 28 September 2013

This sux. I just lost months of recordings saved to a Roland JX-305's user bank,can't believe this. That user bank is currently totally gone, including all songs and patches. It happened seemingly out of the blue.
The synth now displays the message "Caution! Memory damaged!" when turned on.

Does anyone know if the data can be recovered, or what causes the damage?

Could it be a hardware component that's fried, or just something that's lose, or a software issue, or what should I look for, likely?

There's nothing spinning in the jx unlike a computer hdd which are known to fail due to such physical wear/tear, correct? Perhaps recovery of the jx-305's data would easier than with a computer hdd?

(Irony I had just gotten started with transferring the recordings to a computer to prevent data loss).
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Re: JX-305 entire User bank suddenly gone, incl recordings

Postby Saxifraga » 11:36, 9 January 2014

I don´t know if you still need an answer but it happens very often with old 305s that some pins of the flash rom/ram gets disloged from the pcb. The smd soldering is bad quality it seems. I had luck and found a repair service man who resoldered my flash ram. After reloading the OS everything is fine again. But your songs are surely gone. :(
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