Loading SYSEX patch bank to JV90

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Loading SYSEX patch bank to JV90

Postby brofjw » 02:58, 3 November 2013

I think this is my first post ever in this fórum!

A few months ago I bought a JV90 in great condition with a case, and I really enjoy the simplicity of the interface compared to the modern menú-crazy synths. I finally decided I wanted to try uploading some generic patch to the User memory, so I downloaded a few to my computer from various sources. These were fully described as patch BANKS, not individual patches. I am using MIDI-Ox, by the way. MIDI-Ox says that a connection between the computer and the JV is successful, and MIDI-Ox can also load the SYSEX file into its own buffer. When I try to upload the bank to the JV, and the JV is hooked up to an amp, I can "hear" the datastream passing faintly in the feedback of the amp, so I know the output is working. The problema is that the JV doesn't seem to acknowledge it at all. It seems that I've enabled all memories, and turned off all write-protect functions, so I can't figure out what it keeping the data from reaching the JV.

Do I have to initialize my unit first, or at least erase the User bank manually before a new bank can be received? There were a few patches in the User bank that I wanted, and I was even successful in downloading these TO MIDI-Ox in hopes of reloading them later.

I believe the device# of the JV is set to 17 and MIDI channels are all set to 1, so I just can't figure what else could be wrong. The manual has been useless, and many of you probably know what I'm talking about. :-/

Is anyone familiar enough with the process to guide me through it step-by-step? Is there something I've forgotten to do? Someone please help!

Thanks in advance
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