How do you Initialize XP-50 patches and tones

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How do you Initialize XP-50 patches and tones

Postby dspange » 06:20, 5 January 2014

I have had a XP-50 for about a year now and have been really happy with the synth. I also just got a great deal on the JV Vintage Synth Expansion. My question is does anybody have feedback on how to Initialize patches and tones so I can create a patches/tones from scratch and just start with the crisp roland waveforms only. I would really like to create new patches especially with the long list of classic JV Vintage Synth waveforms.

After reading the online manual it sounds like you just find a patch that sounds similar to the one you want to create and just edit the tones. (disable the effects) Then write/save the tone. Also sounds like you have to make sure Internal Wright Protect is ON so you don't erase the original patches and tones. But I guess you could always perform a factory reset and recover any lost patches if any were overwritten. It doesn't seem like the V-Synth or VST's were you just hit the Initialize button. Just looking for some feedback.

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Re: How do you Initialize XP-50 patches and tones

Postby rcraven » 01:56, 6 January 2014

Firstly I don't have a XP synth (my earliest is XV3080).

If your XP-50 has something other than the Factory patches, which you can recover with a reset as you say, the first thing I would do is to look for a way to save all my user data via sysex.
You can write them all to floppy disk on the XP-50, but the media is notoriously unreliable.
I prefer to do this with a sysex dump and MidiOx, if you have a PC, and burn the data to a CD. See 3:XFER below

Have a look at the FAQ doc on

Turn off the internal protection because you now have all the patches saved anyway.

When you are in Patch mode press Utility. (Manual p90-93)
You should now have a menu. Select 4:SOUND
The new menu has 1:COPY 2:INIT 3:XFER 4: PRTECT 5:PRESET - you need 2:INIT for your initial preset

You will need 3:XFER to back up your data via Midi along with MidiOx.

Have a look at 1:COPY as you can copy one Tone over another in a patch which is helpful when you want to layer different waves.

You might like to also look at some editors.

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