JD-800 factory / electronic pad sound

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JD-800 factory / electronic pad sound

Postby Berkut » 18:50, 24 August 2014

Greatings, Rolanders !

I happen to own a fantom-G, which -unfortunately- is preset as an "R'n'B" machine.

I would love to play the lush pads of the JD-800, and comparing the sound structures and the 108 waveforms of the JD, I found that 87 of the fantom G ones are either borrowed from the JD or equivalent.

Page 313/316 of the JD-800 shows in columns the preset sounds but not the actual settings
Pages 278 and 279 show blank charts for JD-800 pads

Could any JD owner fill these looking at his/her instruments for the followings sounds :

"Millenium", "Swimotion" and "Iceman". Any other good stuff....

Thank you so much...I let that availlable to other fantom players
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