Cant Load Custom Back Up Performance to XV5080

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Cant Load Custom Back Up Performance to XV5080

Postby SolarTap » 14:38, 19 September 2014

Hello Clan

I recently backed up all custom patches and performances on a XV-5080 to the XV Librarian and saved as .SVD files.

Now when I load all my backed up performance version files, only the name of the Performances appear, no patch or level settings? Even older back up files previously saved yield the same results. Any help or suggestion would be of great benefit as Its a couple of banks of custom performance that would have to be rebuilt and even then, to back these up to the librarian will return the same results as tested with a single performance.

I can edit a performance on the 5080, save and send it back and forth to the Librarian. The issue occurs when I save the .SVD and try to reload it. Same for editor. Tried factor reset, mac and pc XV Librarian and editor results are the same.

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