Sample EXP waves to 5080 SIMM?

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Sample EXP waves to 5080 SIMM?

Postby doggyaugie17 » 22:06, 16 October 2016

Hi all,

I have an XV-5080 and currently use only three waves from my Session card: OrcStrings A,B,C. I love these waves but feel like it's a waste of a slot having a whole card for three waves. I bought my 5080 used and it came with SIMMs I've never used. Is it possible to sample these three waves to my computer, trim and convert to wav files, then leave them on my smartmedia card to be auto-loaded? If I do this, can I simply redirect my patches with these waves to the user sample memory instead? Do I need to worry about loop points, cross fades, etc if all i want to sample is the raw waveform? Any guidance would be much appreciated!

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