Controlling XV MFX via MIDI CC

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Controlling XV MFX via MIDI CC

Postby daveInFL » 21:16, 14 November 2016

Greetings :-)

XV Editor

I need to be able to change the "Rotary" MFX "speed" parameter via MIDI. Using my old school Roland A-30 Keyboard Controller, I can do so via Modulation (CC01) and via Sustain (CC64), but I would like to do so using either the Reverb (CC91) or Chorus (CC93) switches. The "on" value of these switches can be programmed, and I have them both set to "127", yet they do not have an affect.

Yes, I understand that in Performance Mode CC 91 and 93 affect the reverb and chorus send levels, respectfully - that's fine. I also need to successfully affect a "System Control Source" or directly to the speed parameter of Rotary, like modulation and sustain do.

Thanks in advance for your advice!!!

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Re: Controlling XV MFX via MIDI CC

Postby rcraven » 12:13, 15 November 2016

Set Part 1 to channel 1 and to your patch
Set Part 1 to output to MFX A
Set MFX A to Rotary
Control Source One to CC91 - Destination to Speed - Sens to +64
On the MFX set Speed = Slow and set the Speed parameters to a low starting point as the control will be increasing the speed as the CC value goes up.
Set MFX Control Channel to 1 in Performance Common.

You should be good to go.

All the best
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