Setup help: Roland XV-5080, Studiologic 1100SL, Korg iS40

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Setup help: Roland XV-5080, Studiologic 1100SL, Korg iS40

Postby cbauwens » 05:42, 22 January 2017


I recently acquired a Roland XV-5080. I need help hooking up my components. Please bear with me and help -this is all still fairly new to me.

So here it goes. I have:
-Roland XV-5080 rack synth, 4 expansion cards on board, max memory. Fantastic machine!
Has Midi THRU, OUT, IN1, IN2

-Studiologic 1100SL midi controller keyboard (so no sound on board, a true controller with a wonderful Fatar keyboard 88 keys)
Has Midi OUT1, OUT2, IN

-Korg iS40 arranger keyboard synth (again older, but I like to keep some of the stuff I did on it)
Has Midi THRU, OUT, IN

As far as connectivity goes I should be OK.
I can perfectly hook up the Korg and the Studiologic, but adding in the Roland is a big curve ball.

My purpose is to get sounds from the Roland through the Studiologic controller, while at the same time being able to use all the Korg stuff such as all rythm patters, auto arrangements, banked voices etc.

I can make all three units to go but it does not do what I want. Also the Korg drum and arrangement section is way overpowering, even with controls down.

Question 1: How do I physically hook all these together using general midi?
Question 2: Do I need a mixer to control the volume before going into an amp with studio monitors?

Any help greatly appreciated!
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