XV Sound design problem

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XV Sound design problem

Postby rcraven » 06:05, 2 February 2017

For all you mad synthesists out there....

I am writing a software controller that uses a single patch has the synth structure as Type 2.
It needs to be Type 2 as I want both WGs through a High Pass Filter (TVF1) as well as the normal VCF (TVF2)

The problem is I need a single 'Mix' control between the two WGs. That is, as WG1 gets louder WG2 get softer.

Tone 1's WG (let's call it WG1) has a Level control, but it is in the TVA1.
If it gets below a value of 1 the the synth reverts to Type 1, which I don't want, so I set the range to be between 1 and 127
A value of 1 is so soft that I can live with it. So half the problem solved.

WG2 is a bit harder as its Level control is in TVA2 which is right at the end of the path and so it is really a volume control for the whole sound.

My poor solution is to use the 4 values of WG2 gain and when the the Mix is at it's max (WG1 the loudest and WG2 off) to get silence from WG2 I change the wave to 'Low Sine'.
This is below hearing ( I mainly used this wave in a patch with the Ring Modulator).
I tried 'DC' but that makes a click on each key - again useful, but not in this case.

Please... any better solutions???? -

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