MIDI not working

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MIDI not working

Postby LNovik » 14:21, 5 March 2017

I have a Roland XP 30. I have been using it with MIDI for years. The MIDI has stopped working. Of course, I changed cables, and I even bypassed my computer and MIDI interface. Specifically, I simply attached a MIDI cable from the MIDI Out of another keyboard into the MIDI In of the Roland. I made sure to match the MIDI channel. The Roland is on Local control, so when I hit the keys on it, I CAN hear sounds. However, when I play from another keyboard, I hear nothing. When I then take the same cable and plug it from the non-Roland keyboard into a third keyboard--and match the MIDI channels, I can hear sounds being played on that 3rd keyboard.
I did move the Roland recently, though just within the same room. I'm thinking that perhaps I hit some button, which is disabling MIDI.
ANy ideas, or any thoughts about who else I might ask.
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Re: MIDI not working

Postby Miks » 19:53, 5 March 2017

I've found out that the solder joints often wiggle loose (the solder 'breaks') if the jacks are heavily used. This could cause contact issues... so you (or a tech-savvy person) should open the synth and take a closer look onto (especially the MIDI jack's) solder joints - perhaps using a magnifier - and give them a splash of fresh solder (even when in doubt). That may cure that symptoms... ;-)

Good luck on your research & kind regards,

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