JV/XP and XV Performance Compatibility?

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JV/XP and XV Performance Compatibility?

Postby epu » 05:57, 31 July 2017

Q: Is the XV-3080 compatible with JV and XPSeries Performances?
A: Performance data is not compatible. Bulk data and othersuch data cannot be exchanged between the XV-3080 and JVand XP Series synthesizers

Are there any utlities that have been developed that can get one to port Performance Data from say an XP60 to an XV5080.

Years ago when I owned an XP60, I created hundreds of Performances. I was so disappointed to find out that XVs weren't compatible with JV/XP Performance data, meaning I'd have to recreate them all by hand.

Has this been remedied yet? I am looking to play back my old songs, but may have to invest in a JV2080 instead of an XV5080 (which I had but sold) to play my old tunes.
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