XP-80 SDM capacitor C225 or whole board replacement

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XP-80 SDM capacitor C225 or whole board replacement

Postby Rodrigo_cl » 05:32, 28 August 2017

Just 2 days ago my 21 years old XP muted. No sounds on any output. I open it and it looks that a SMD capacitor melted (attached picture) may be the C225 (flat) or also the C223 (round), does anyonw knows where I can find replacements for that capacitor? or if its possible to replace? or if anyone could know where I can get the whol board (it is the one that holds the internal battery) Thanks for any reply.
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Re: XP-80 SDM capacitor C225 or whole board replacement

Postby Stoffel.s » 19:09, 25 October 2017


I'd say you should be able to get the capacitor specs from Roland and even obtain it from them. Last year I my xp80 suffered from serious digital distorted sound on fadeout.
I contacted Roland and they suggested to replace all capacitors but the price was around 300 euro which I found too much.

I delivered the keyboard to a local electronic shop and a guy replaced all capacitors for a friendly price. Unfortunately it didn't work out as the sound became even worse. So last week I could lay hands on a 2nd hand xp80 for 100 euro which is physically not in perfect shape but the sound is good. So I will move the mainboard to my old machine which will then be as new !

Send a little mail to Roland and they will help you out for sure.

Good luck !

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