Why I Love the Roland JP-8000

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Why I Love the Roland JP-8000

Postby longlivethejp » 01:00, 13 January 2012

I'm not one of those people with an ear to say its sound is way better than what else is available.
But the layout for ease of paramater controll is unmatched:
Sliders, as opposed to knobs for filter cut and res right next to eachother allow one to easily tweak both simultanously with one hand while keying with the other- once you understand this, you can't live without it.
Also, can't live without: the left side/ribbon controll and mod lever, how one can with one hand fade in/out of LFO 2 WHILE changing rate and/or depth WHILE changing the assignable ribbon controlelr with your palm, WHILE bending the pitch, all while playing keys with the other hand. Maybe novation X station can do something like this if you program the pad and stick, but most likely not as much. Sure you can automate software to do 99999X more at the same time than this, but not hands-on spur of the moment while playing. I threw this idea out there in a recent roland email and they said they'd relay it to their design team for possible use in future products. Also, the hard to find feedback osc. there are some softwares with feedback synthesis, but I haven't played them. I did a side by side of the SH-201 and JP8K feedback and the are different, JP allows you to change the harmonics and amount, while sh-201 just says 'feedback'. I'd say they're slightly different and both have an advatage over the other: JP has more of a harmonics range but the 201 has more of a pronounced deep growl to the FB (with no distortion either). Oh, and tell me another board with presets as distinct, and complicated as the JP8K, cause I don't think one exists- they're great but almost give the board too much pre-made personality.
JP8K one of the holy grails of synths. Shoulda added distortion and maybe taken away how the envelopes click on really short attacks (read older true analogs do that, but I'm not crazy about it.)
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Re: Why I Love the Roland JP-8000

Postby MC808ter » 06:28, 13 January 2012

longlivethejp wrote:. Shoulda added distortion

They did.....On the JP8080
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Re: Why I Love the Roland JP-8000

Postby Re-Member » 00:52, 8 September 2012

I recently picked up a JP-8000 as well and agree with all of the above. I'm a former SH-201 owner and love the JP-8000 much, much more. Don't get me wrong, the SH-201 is a great synth and had many programming advantages over the JP8K, but the JP8K is different enough for me to enjoy the next couple of years.

The ribbon controller was actually messed up on mine, but I managed to fix it by opening things up and cleaning off the strip. What I love about it is that in addition to making a smooth transistion in vaules like twisting a knob or moving a slider, you can make things "jump" over vaules. The Hold feature is amazing. It's like your finger becomes a third LFO. I honestly found the D-Beam on the SH-201 difficult to use due to it's placement on the top of the keyboard. Unlike the JP, you can't use D-Beam plus the mod lever at the same time without using both hands. Plus you could only assign one parameter to the D-Beam, so in most cases, you'd be better off just twisting the knob or slider itself.

Another thing I love is the Patch/Peformance structure. Being able to copying layers around and create new "Performances" without overriding the original patches... more synths should be able to do this! The filter sounds more raw than the SH-201 and it's easy to get out of that sweet spot, but the EQ is great for fixing that.

I do miss being able to modulate the Supersaw and Feedback amount with an LFO (you can get some amazing pads out of the SH-201 because of this), but you can at least automate things with Motion Control.

One complaint I do have though is the effects section. The delay doesn't sound as good as the 201, plus unless you wear headphones, you can barely hear the chorus effect.
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Re: Why I Love the Roland JP-8000

Postby Leh173 » 22:29, 10 September 2012

The JP-8000 is a Roland classic IMHO. I love it.
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