JP8000 problem with jumpy parameters

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JP8000 problem with jumpy parameters

Postby databaze » 19:31, 16 July 2012

So I did do a search regarding this issue and many people seem to point to cleaning sliders and knobs with something like DeoxIT FaderLub.
My questions is: The parameters change when I press on the keyboard case, not the knobs, not the sliders, not the keys, just the outside of the keyboard, now, I did use shift/exit to see what parameters changed and it seems like many of them do randomly depending on where i put pressure.

Anyway, I just thought i would ask if anyone had solve their problem completely by contact cleaning every single slider/knob in the unit of did anyone had to take it to a shop to get it checked out?

Thank you!
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Re: JP8000 problem with jumpy parameters

Postby databaze » 04:26, 22 November 2012

After months and moths of having this synth sitting in my studio with the same problem and me not needing it to work, I decided to try and fix it.

I read on some other forums about using Deoxit F5 to clean the faders and knobs, then Deoxit 100 to lub them up so I did.

Same problem reappeared after one day of using it. I decided to track each parameter that changed when i pressed on the case or played the keys too hard, then I took the Board A out (the one on the left side when you have the synth opened) and I noticed that if I moved some of the knobs, the soldering of the 3 pron connector was loose.

Yup, all this time, and I did not notice it, the only reason I did noticed this time: Putting the board right next to my eyes, and then confirming it using a magnifying glass.

Now I just need to remove the old soldering and voila, hopefully it will be all over and I will have my JP 8000 back in the game!

It was a very hard trace, more so when you don't have all the tools needed to test each connection to the board, etc. I plan on buying all the equipment since I really want to get into fixing my own gear.

If anyone else is having this issue, you know where to look now other than dirty contacts on faders and knobs!

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