JP8080 Volume potentiometer has failed

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JP8080 Volume potentiometer has failed

Postby totty » 20:55, 12 January 2013

Hi there,

I've just bagged a JP8080 off eBay. I had one years ago and missed it alot. Finally got my hands on another. The unit is in absolutely fantastic condition, I've never seen one look so good (even when it was in the shops the store model was pretty ragged up).

I didn't immediately notice, but when I went through all the controls to check I realised the volume knob wobbled. Doesn't really matter I guess, but the sound crackled when I moved it a bit. I'm a bit peeved. It was probably the courier and I don't want to go down on the seller as he has 100% feedback and it has the manual, original box and everything is great. I'm going to contact Roland on Monday, but what I can see from the service notes I downloaded the volume assembly is separate from all the other boards so I'm hopeful I can open her up.

Has anyone attempted to do this, and if so can anyone offer any advice.

Kind regards

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