is JP-8000 a good choice

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is JP-8000 a good choice

Postby genesisfan » 05:54, 4 June 2014

If i have the chance to buy a JP-8000 in great condition, studio only 40 hours never gigged
would you suggest i buy & add this synth to my collection?
I've seen it & it looks great except for a few minor cosmetic scratches that are unnoticeable
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Re: is JP-8000 a good choice

Postby evilpants » 17:05, 4 June 2014

I just bought one a few weeks ago. The battery needed replacing but otherwise it's in perfect condition.

Oh boy, I am totally in love with this synth. It is a wonderful classic - it seems to hark back to older analogue synths, but obviously it's not analogue. Something about it though.... it's cheeky but extremely programmable, it feels like a "real" synth.

And as a bonus, you can make a pretty passable version of the "vox humana" patch Gary Numan used all over The Pleasure Principle album in 1979 on it :-)
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