JP8000 ribbon controller problem

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JP8000 ribbon controller problem

Postby Fast Zee » 09:09, 7 April 2017


Following battery replacement in my JP8000, I have re-calibrated the pitch bend and ribbon controller as this is generally required. Pitch bend works OK but the ribbon controller is giving me problems. I have reset factory settings and the issue remains.
From the test mode, when calibrating the ribbon controller, you would calibrate the left end, followed by the right, then the middle. However, it should be "off" when you start the calibration but the display is showing a value even when I'm not pressing the ribbon. Anyone experienced this before; any ideas whether this is a hardware or something I need to do? Any thoughts on how to resolve please?
The problem is that when playing, the ribbon is permanently set to its "left" value and as on many patches the ribbon applies a filter, loads of my sounds are massively filtered, lacking presence, volume and brightness.

Many thanks
Nick Z
Fast Zee
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