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Aerial Choir

Postby bpk80 » 14:15, 9 December 2015


I just got the Jupiter 50 today and I am having trouble finding a sound that matches the glory of the Aerial Choirs from Roland's Juno-G. I also miss the "Imagination" piano setting. Are these hidden somewhere or available in an expansion? Thanks,

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Re: Aerial Choir

Postby browny » 01:28, 26 September 2017

Hi, you can find the Aerial Choir in the Juno DS or Roland XPS30 that I own. I also have the Jupiter 50 and I love it. But you know the saying "life is not perfect and therefore the perfect keyboard has not been created yet. I bought the Roland XPS30 which is a Juno DS with 200 more sounds because I compared both at the music store in my country. The XPS30 can load SRX EXPANSIONS from Axial. The best one is the ORCHESTRAL COLLECTION and this one has a choir similar to Aerial Choir. But remember that Aerial Choir is already installed in the Juno DS. So, hope this helps. The Juno DS is cheap. Go get it. Cheers.
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