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A faux C3 Vibrato for Tonewheel Organs

PostPosted: 14:24, 20 September 2014
by LesliesTube
I have the Jupiter-50 for like 2 years, I was in a love-hate relationship with it. Sometimes because of the limited polyphony and the layering, or why didn't I save enough money to buy a JP-80. The main reason was its tonewheel Organ modeling. I did earlier today a few experiments with the fx chain, and I managed to create some sort of C3 chorus vibrato,similiar to the VK\V-Combo organs. I added a Guitar Amp Sim to the beginning of the chain, and now the Organ experience of this synth became a whole lotta fun for me.
It went so much better than I expected, it'd be a shame not to share the results. Feel free to use and to point out for improvements. ... 1.SVD?dl=0
And of course, a cheap-o MP3 demo attachment.

Re: A faux C3 Vibrato for Tonewheel Organs

PostPosted: 17:00, 24 September 2014
by Macska
Thanks man! I've actually just recently started creating a variety of organ patches for my JP. Trying to get some Ray Manzarek sounds and getting a little close- I've been playing with mixing Saw and Sine waves with the Organs in an attempt to imitate a Vox Continental sound.

I think the organ sounds are nice, the lack of controls makes it a bit tiring to make small changes. I find myself tweaking a drawbar, then going back to the effects menu and tweaking an effect, then back to the drawbars... but I'm pleased with the end results!

Re: A faux C3 Vibrato for Tonewheel Organs

PostPosted: 20:51, 8 January 2018
by Jazzygc
Hi There
I came across your post while searching to address the very problem you seem to have and would love to try the organ patch you posted but the dropbox link is busted. Any chance you could repost / email again. The mp3 sounds spot on what I'm after - Many Thanks