What's the best midi controller?

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Re: What's the best midi controller?

Postby iowagold » 10:22, 19 May 2016

I have both the a800 and the a88.
I wish the a800 had the super natural built in...
I have yet to buy the small a4x are they worth the bucks for the supernatural??

the a88 is nice if you like piano action and large key bed.
and is build heavy too.
that's how I was able to fit things in.
the a88 is under the a800
I need to get a better pix of the setup.
does any one have the short cuts for the supernatural settings to work on the a800??
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Re: What's the best midi controller?

Postby markbasile » 10:41, 20 May 2017

sorry about the stupid question, but lets' talk about a STUDIO SET or a BAnk it's possible to use the PCR800 or A 800 pro pads to navigate through the 16 patches in a STUDIOSET...as I actually do with my Roland FA06?
what kind of midi message i have to assign to the pads to do that kinda stuff?
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