Saving as a Studio Set

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Saving as a Studio Set

Postby lespaul72 » 23:07, 3 March 2017

I've been able to save some of my favorites in the appropriate User Slots (using the iPad app):

Select Preset from I-7 on iPad
Hit Write
Select "To" destination
Hit Execute

However as someone on the forum already stated, you cannot edit it (more reverb, etc).

So now I'm using the same approach as above (but I'm using the sound Dyno-Tine from the preset location that I saved it to previously. When I hit Execute and Go back to the first empty slot (18 in Studio Set)
it does not save it.

I'm looking thru the manual now (p 34) but I can only guess that:

a) you can only save to studio set using the front panel (not iPad app)?

Any guidance would be appreciated.
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