Cannot get Integra-7 app to work on iPad

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Cannot get Integra-7 app to work on iPad

Postby rkaczano2017 » 20:32, 13 March 2017

Just downloaded the app and I cannot get it to work on my iPad.

The Integra-7 firmware is ver 1.21. I am connecting it via a A/B USB from the back of the Intergra-7 to a camera kit on an iPad. In the app settings I have set the Device ID to 17 similar to what is in the Integra System/MIDI folder. In System/Setup on the Integra I have set up the USB Driver to "Generic (MIDI Only).

The app recognizes the Integra as the MIDI source. However when I try to navigate around the app and choose presents I get an error message saying "Cannot get MIDI signal".

Any idea how to fix this?

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Re: Cannot get Integra-7 app to work on iPad

Postby BBach » 02:01, 18 March 2017

Have you held SHIFT and pressed EDIT to save and restarted the Integra 7 ? When I first got the Integra 7 I used the IPad app. The connection was always tenuous and the app had very limited ability. If you are using a windows machine, the Roland VST editor is pretty good. The KTAKE editor is even more intuitive, but is not VST, which makes it a little more difficult to integrate with your DAW.
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