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MIDI Mess for MFX Switch

Postby GM Arts » 10:22, 24 April 2017

I hope I'm wrong - please someone tell me I'm wrong!

After reading the MIDI doco it seems that unbelievably, there's no simple CC message to turn an MFX off or on. This is referred to as the "MFX Switch" in the manuals and I think as the "TFX Switch" in the MIDI documentation.

Instead, it looks like there's a system exclusive to turn each part's MFX off and on (ok so far) but the message is different depending on which of the 5 different tone types are in use.

For my application, I'm using a MIDI foot controller to turn MFX off/on simultaneously in 6 different parts that could be any of the 5 different tone types. That means I would need to send 30 system exclusive messages to turn MFX off, and another 30 to turn them on!

Overall I really like the Integra, but this is a mess!
GM Arts
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