New Question 2: Hearing the sound of several parts at the

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New Question 2: Hearing the sound of several parts at the

Postby Gordon Gibson » 07:10, 7 May 2017


This one's really a newb question. Bear with me - I'm the drummer and sound guy (.....I know, I know...)

My understanding when buying the Integra was that it would play up to 16 distinct tones simultaneously. What I wanted to do was create custom horn sections by loading different 'Bone, Sax and Trumpet tones into a Studio set, set the balance between these Parts (perhaps up to 10) using the mixer in the iPad editor, then trigger the whole shebang with the A49. Get it? 1 note played on the A49 would result in the 9 or 10 Parts playing that one note with their different tones simultaneously, with the blend determined by the iPad Integra Editor mixer.

The tones for all of the parts making up my horn section are there - when I select each part and Preview it, I hear the right tone. But I can't get more than one Part to "sound" at the same time.

Once again, what am I missing? Are there settings to adjust to give the Integra true multi-voice capability, or did I simply vastly over-estimate the Integra's capabilities?

Hopefully its the former....

Also, are there Hand Clap, tambourine and other hand percussion instrument Parts buried away on one of the expansion cards? Can't seem to find them in the natural sounds section.
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Re: New Question 2: Hearing the sound of several parts at

Postby LA Keys » 08:17, 7 May 2017

Yup, this is an easy one...

If you go to the part view (by pressing the 'part view' button) then select the "Level/Ch" tab you will see that each parts are assigned to a different (midi) channel. By default part 1 is on ch 1 up, to part 16 on Ch 16...

You then simply have to set the channel to be the same for all the parts you want to sound when you play on your A49 (easiest way is to set them to channel 1). Then you will also adjust the levels as you want for each parts.

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Re: New Question 2: Hearing the sound of several parts at

Postby Hobbe51 » 14:05, 19 June 2017

But make sure that your controller does not send any program change. Whatever changes you send on that channel will affect all parts, and if you send e.g. a program change, all parts will have the same sound.

Regarding hand claps and other sounds, there is a sound list at Roland download site: ... s_manuals/

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