Weird hanging note

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Weird hanging note

Postby soleemusician » 12:04, 11 May 2017

I'm having an issue with this weird hanging note, which acts like as if it's held or pedaled. For example, if I play C major chord, E and G would stop playing as I release my hand off the keyboard, but C would be keep playing. And this sustaining note is always random, whatever note it happens to be.

I tried different midi controllers, and they all have this issues, so I'm going to guess that that it's not my SL MKII Problem. I'm also using Cubase 9 as my DAW. And this happened in 8.5 also. Any help please?
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Re: Weird hanging note

Postby royqueen » 18:21, 15 May 2017

have you tried selecting a new studio set, and playing the notes?
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