SuperNATURAL Acoustic Tone instrument parameters mismatch

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SuperNATURAL Acoustic Tone instrument parameters mismatch

Postby Hobbe51 » 10:25, 21 July 2017

I discovered some differences regarding the SN-A instrument parameters.
The sound list lists 256 SN-A sounds.
The parameter guide lists 127 SN-A sounds, but I found 128 in my I-7. Mandolin was listed as one instrument, but was actually two, MandolinGt and MandolinStum.
Ok on the missing Mandolin, documentation cannot always be up to date.
But what about the missing 128 sounds, do they not have instrument parameters?
I did a random check and found that Cello1 pizz has the Noise Level CC parameter, but is not in the SN-A parameters instrument list.
So, what is the conclusion? Do all the missing 128 instrument have the Noise Level CC parameter, or am I missing something here?
Back to the Mandolins. They are on MSB 89 and LSB 99 where MandolinGt is on program number 11 and MandolinStum on program number 12. I-7 displays those names when I select 11 and 12 respectively, BUT:
When I edit those tones using the I-7 built-in editor, they are both called Mandolin. And they both sound the same to me. However, editing MandolinStum shows CC Strum is on, while it is off for MandolinGt, which sounds logical to me, at least if MandolinStum was actually called MandolinStrum.
Ok, so far I can accept that, but why can't I select MandolinStum or MandolinGt on the I-7 front panel? Only Mandolin is listed.
Confusing? Any thoughts?
Correction: I can select the two mandolins from the tone finder, but not in the i-7 editor. There they are only one mandolin.
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