Making custom SN sounds.

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Making custom SN sounds.

Postby mycall » 03:57, 30 July 2017

Is there any way to create our own SN sounds? I figure since you can load them from USB stick, it should somehow be possible. That would include new parameters and such. I don't think Roland has many anything new for the I7 since 2014, so if we can pick up the slack, then good for us.
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Re: Making custom SN sounds.

Postby jerry_merry » 12:49, 31 July 2017

There two editors available for the Integra-7.

1. The official Roland editor that plugs into your DAW (VST/AU). So you can edit as part of your project and of course edit the SN-Synth as well as all other options can be edited. (this runs on Mac and PC)

2. K-Take Editor. Same principle but sits outside the DAW.

Personally I prefer option 1. But that's just me.
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