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external USB Audio volume control

Postby midistud » 18:14, 10 August 2017

Does anyone know if it is possible to control the volume of the ext usb audio volume via an external sequencer like Cakewalk/Sonar? Is there a CC event like CC7 dedicated to its volume after sending MSB/LSB in any MIDI channel track?
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Re: external USB Audio volume control

Postby bluesplayer » 01:34, 15 August 2017

Not sure I understand correctly your question, but if you mean audio coming in over USB called "Ext Part Source" (see Page 48 of Integra Owners manual) then I' doubt it, at least DIRECTLY or even easily.

Look at figure on Pg 48 according to that you can send that "audio in" to either the Motional Surround effect OR one or both of the global Chorus and Reverb effects.

1. if you DO MEAN audio coming in over USB then obviously the easiest I THINK might be to just have your DAW control the amount of AUDIO its sending to the Integra7 in the first place.

2. If you are trying to control the level of AUDIO coming in over 1/4" front or back jacks from your DAW over USB MIDI that's different but I don't think so as I said above. There may be a "brute force" way to get some minor level of control over it.

I have never had reason to bring any audio into the I7, either over USB from a PC or over the front or rear jacks) so have never "played" with this but I think

Looking pages 35-onwards I think maybe something like this: if you ARE NOT using either the global Reverb or Chorus for ANY OTHER part then you could assign the external audio part ("Ext Part") exclusively to that effect then CONTROL that effects send level over MIDI. (you can set the effect of the chorus or reverb to nothing, or to taste, while you set how much gets though to the output using STUDIO SET COMMON and STUDIO SET CHORUS SYSEX (page 10 or MIDI implementation manual) .

2. If you send it to Motional Control (again something I don;t use - I use straight stereo and/or mono outs) it looks that all you can do is decide if (and how much) is sent to left/right (CC28) and front/back (CC29), and some Ambience level control (CC30). and ditto above about level of EXT part via sysex.

However using SYSEX is a not like MIDI real time parameter control. it's more like stop sound, set level, start sound. Send the SYSEX with a (singular) level, then later send another whole SYSEX with another level, this I'm sure (since it's studio set common stuff) interrupts over all real-time playback - I've not had occasion to send SYSEX in real-time either.

There might be a better way that I'm missing way but that's as much as I can see with a quick look at manual(s).
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Re: external USB Audio volume control

Postby midistud » 19:41, 15 August 2017

Hi Bluesplayer,

Thank you for your response and yes I agree with you that perhaps the only way to go is just volume adjusting via the connected DAW of choice. What really got me thinking on this was when I was looking directly at the Integra 7 interface screen the "Performance Part/Studio Set" allows you to change the volume for EXT/USB Audio part just as if it was a "17th" MIDI channel in the Studio Set for that setup.

I thought in some situations it could be useful to be able to "insert" Volume events for this 17th Audio Only track within the Studio Set to essentially automate volume for that track while the audio played back. Manipulating the device instead of the Audio directly.

Just being able to control my laptop volume from my X32 Rack as a single channel is awesome enough, I just always want to push the digital envelope and I'm sure there has to be a way to send parameters directly to that Studio Set to change the volume of that part/track. The last Roland device I've delved this deeply in was my JV-1080 and that was 20 years ago. I suppose not many folks get that far down in the weeds with SYSEX and MSB/LSB as we used to, the software inserts all that automatically from standard libraries LOL.

Anyway, hope this all clarifies what I'm talking about/trying to do.
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