Writing "selected" Expansion Tones into User Tone Banks

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Writing "selected" Expansion Tones into User Tone Banks

Postby Hunters » 16:43, 30 August 2017


Is there any way to save "selected" Expansion Tones into my User Tone Banks... so they can be accessed directly, without having to load the relevant Expansion Module into a slot?

When I have "written" Expansion Tones to my USER banks, they only sound if the original tone is loaded into an Expansion slot. That doesn't seem very helpful??

It appears that when you tweek an Expansion tone and "write" it to a User Bank, maybe it is only the "tweeked settings" that are stored in the User Bank, and you have to have the orginal tone / partials loaded in an Expansion slot.

Am I being dumb??
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Re: Writing "selected" Expansion Tones into User Tone Banks

Postby Candy » 22:35, 11 September 2017

Imagine, that the EXPs are Hardware-ROMs. When you remove them, the sounds on it are not more available. When you store an EXP-Sound into a User-Memory-Place and after that you remove the EXP, you will hear - nothing! The parameters in the User-Memory are only links to the EXP - same as a hardware-ROM!

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