Setting up Roland FA-07 with Kronos

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Setting up Roland FA-07 with Kronos

Postby gzurkan » 17:15, 2 October 2017

Haven't posted in a while but hoping someone with Roland FA midi settings experience can chime in....any help greatly appreciated.

Recently replaced my aging Korg M50-88 with the FA-07. 46lbs vs. 18lbs. Kronos 61 is my top board using combis to (hopefully) map sounds and program changes to FA. Want to map a Roland "studio set" to individual Korg combis.

1. How do I set the FA basic midi receive channel to 2? Kronos is channel 1. Want to map Kronos programs to FA keyboard using channel 2. This should be easy but I don't know Roland-speak. I do not want Roland sounds to trigger from Kronos.

2. Can I associate a Korg combi to a particular Roland studio set? I'm assuming this is possible using MSB/LSB.

3. My sustain pedal is connected to FA and works for internal sounds....does not work on Kronos programs. How do I resolve?

Been a Korg guy for decades and Roland architecture is driving me nuts. Keeping the M50 around 'til I fugure this out. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Setting up Roland FA-07 with Kronos

Postby jjjjjjjmg » 01:09, 20 October 2017

I have a similar issue. I've been connecting my DSI OB6 midi out to the FA-06 midi in and the FA seems to be receiving at every channel...
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