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sound exporting problems

Postby panasony » 19:57, 27 March 2014

can anyone help I downloaded the latest sounds for the FA on the axiel site put the file on my usb stick put the stick in my FA 08 and there was nothing there , formatted the usb stick done it again still nothing although I did export the integra 7 sounds ok to my keyboard via SD card, I did try and put the new FA sounds on the SD card but that didn't work lol
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Re: sound exporting problems

Postby cello » 20:15, 27 March 2014

Did you power off, then hold the Preview button when starting up again with the USB stick in the FA?

I did it today and worked perfectly
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Re: sound exporting problems

Postby dBob » 22:38, 27 March 2014

The instructions are in the file “EXP-01_Readme_e.txt” included in the .zip file you downloaded from the AXIAL site:

1. Copy the downloaded file (EXP**.bin) to the root directory of the USB memory.
2. Plug the USB memory into USB FOR UPDATE connector.
3. While pressing the [PREVIEW] button, turn on the power.
Hold the [PREVIEW] button until the FA boots in Wave Update Mode.
4. The screen will display the file names corresponding to the pad numbers.
For example, EXP01.bin is pad number 1.
5. There are two wave expansion slots. First, press one of the pads to select the wave expansion data for slot 1.
For example, press pad 1 to select EXP01.bin.
6. When you press one of the pads, it will show the EXP name.
For example, [SLOT1] -> [EXP-01: Dance Trax Collection]
7. The import procedure for slot 2 is the same as slot 1.
If you do not want to load anything to slot 2, press the [EXIT] button.
8. When the screen displays "Are you sure?", press the [ENTER] button to load the sounds.
If you would like to start over, press the [EXIT] button.
If you decide not to load any sounds, turn off the power.
9. When the FA-06/FA-08 is loading the sounds, "Writing..." will be displayed on the screen.
It will take approximately three minutes to load per slot.
When the FA-06/FA-08 is done loading the sounds, "Complete" will be displayed on the screen.
10. Reboot the FA-06/FA-08.

Here is a video:
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