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New FA-06/08 synth editor for PC

Postby Arkzero » 16:12, 29 October 2015


hi all

as you can see i have taken up the challenge of proggramming aroland Fa-06/08 synth editor as there does not seem to be one in the pipeline from roland themselves! it is available as an exe for the moment but i intend on releasing it as a vst plugin too! there is much still to be done on it but thought i would drop the current beta on you guys and let you play about with it :)

some of the value readouts on the knobs are not set up properly but this is only pertinent to the look of the controls, they all should work just fine with your FA!

i will over the next few days and weeks add all the sysex codes and controls, was thinking about adding some step sequencers, auto sweep knobs, and midi fx and perhaps some audio processing, of course before that i will impliment midi learns on all the parameters for your midi controler gadgets, this is not functional yet, only screen editing, tweeking for now! still handier than menu diving ;)

i had never used sysex before and after i build this i hope never to again lol :)

here is the download link ... EDITOR.exe

to use just run the exe, target your fa-06/08 in the midi menu, if you target an asio driver in the audio section (not the FA's!) you should get a nice audio readout from your FA! i will get it working purely with the fa driver soon enough!

anyway hope some of you find this useful, please let me know about any bugs you may find! cheers!

best regards all - Jay
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Re: New FA-06/08 synth editor for PC

Postby Pierre118 » 19:05, 29 October 2015

This is really fantastic. Thanks for the good work, Jay!
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Re: New FA-06/08 synth editor for PC

Postby cello » 21:57, 29 October 2015

Impressive! Well done on your effort - hope many folks use your app.
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Re: New FA-06/08 synth editor for PC

Postby Español » 15:21, 30 October 2015


Finally a user makes an able editor for PC !!!

We expect to see the editor evolved and now all users who are here must download the editor so that we can try and comment on the operation.

Very good work!! Congratulations and congratulations for it !!
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Re: New FA-06/08 synth editor for PC

Postby Arkzero » 17:54, 31 October 2015

Hi All

Thanks for the kind words, i almost have the midi learn feature written into the editor, it is a simple right click the knob/button on the Gui and move a control on your controller of choice to assign it! i am also at work with a preset system for the editor, it will not handle Roland sound presets it will use its own propriety format, this should allow for the storage and recalling or many thousands of user setups

would you folks like the gui to follow the looks of the Fa's internal gui? or shall i make it skinable, or perhaps user editable?

another question for you all - what features would you like to see implemented as a priority, im pretty new to my Fa06 and have not fully delved into all its features so if there are any important ones you might think useful please drop me a comment and i will implement them!

all the best guys - Jay
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Re: New FA-06/08 synth editor for PC

Postby Niarf » 23:49, 31 October 2015

Hello, you can swap Amp and Filter section, there are like this on the FA, and since a lot of time on all synths produced =)

It's a great advance you made, everything for the synth section is here !

I was wondering if you could make a midi through to let us use a controller like a BCR2000, the computer would be a translator from CC on the BCR to sysex sent in the FA corresponding at the mess in Midi Implementation chart ?
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Re: New FA-06/08 synth editor for PC

Postby radzik » 10:08, 1 November 2015

Hi All

First of all congratulations to Arkzero.
I think Roland's developers should be ashamed.
Good job.

Niarf, from my experience writing such a functionality is possible but not easy.
Some time ago I wrote a program for my controller Akai Midimix to use it with FA 06.
sysexmidic.png (108 KiB) Viewed 2809 times

As you can see, the look is raw and not as attractive as an application written by Arkzero but it works for me.
The main problem with writing this type of application is that each controller works a little differently.
Since the parameters in my software controller are configurable I can share this application so you can check it out.
Unfortunately, I am not a user of sharing portals.Any ideas how to do it?
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Re: New FA-06/08 synth editor for PC

Postby Niarf » 12:16, 1 November 2015

I did try to trigger pattern triggers with a Floorboard FCB1010 translated by BOme's MIDI translator but the FA doesn't react properly, it wakes up from screensaver when I press a button on the FCB, but can't change the rythm pattern, and I can't program softwares, you make magic =)
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Re: New FA-06/08 synth editor for PC

Postby piotr979 » 10:46, 2 November 2015

nice editor, I tried to run it on Mac with Crossover (is like Wine), it works but no midi messages are sent to my FA-06. Is any chance to have native mac version of it?
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Re: New FA-06/08 synth editor for PC

Postby bh247484 » 23:37, 30 April 2017

Any chance youve gotten a chance to update the program with midi learn? Already helpful but would be even better with a midi controller. Thanks so much!!
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