What is a good sound for "Addicted to Love?"

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What is a good sound for "Addicted to Love?"

Postby rustysd » 01:00, 19 May 2017

What is a good sound for "Addicted to Love?"
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Re: What is a good sound for "Addicted to Love?"

Postby JOHN G » 21:01, 19 May 2017

great question and one that I never found to my complete satisfaction....at first I thought it was some weird stomp pedal for the guitar sound, but now I am leaning towards it being a synthesized sound instead....

you would get no clue from the classic MTVideo, as those gals, although gorgeous, are just doing false strumming! LOL.....

I have the entire Korg, Roland and Yamaha libraries of sounds at my disposal, and have yet to find a true version of the one in Addicted to Love....
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Re: What is a good sound for "Addicted to Love?"

Postby Lunar » 22:32, 19 May 2017

Article from Keyboard Magazine here;

http://www.keyboardmag.com/gear/1183/ro ... love/27804

It's for the Alesis Ion & NI Massive but the article says any 3-OSC VA synth should handle it. (Which is what the Supernatural synth engine is)

I'm assuming you mean the synth brass parts, the guitar parts sound more like heavy processing rather than a synth, although given the time period, I wouldn't rule out an Emulator or Fairlight being used.
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Re: What is a good sound for "Addicted to Love?"

Postby stevel » 22:32, 19 May 2017

Which sound do you mean?

There's the "reverse" sound right at the beginning.

The "guitar" sound is a guitar. Heavy distortion, almost fuzz.

Guitar sounds like this can be easier to cop with a synth than an acoustic strumming pattern as the more "effected" the guitar tone (distortion, chorus, studio effect like compression, etc.) the more "artificial" and "synthetic" the guitar tone itself becomes, so synthesizers can replicate them more easily.

But then there's the "Synth Brass" sound for, well, the synth brass sound.

In the pre-chorus it sounds like a "clean guitar" with the heavy guitar holding. It could be, but it could be a synth sound (I'm listening on YT whose audio quality is always questionable - seems I remember there's also a repeating note drone part behind there too but I can't hear it over the fan running, the kids yapping, and the dogs barking right now...)

In the chorus, where he sings "gonna have to face it you're..." there's a "climbing" part that sounds like an acoustic guitar and is a very typical guitar lick, so again it could be an actual highly affected acoustic guitar (or an electric guitar playing an acoustic synth patch, etc.) but it's always sounded "synthetic" to me.

The Synth Brass is the "main" synth sound in this song, though if you were playing in a band with only 1 guitarist, it might be important to cop the guitar sound during the guitar solo so there's a rhythm part still going on.

But the main guitar lick is in fact guitar. Whether you have to cover that part or not depends on the membership of the band.
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Re: What is a good sound for "Addicted to Love?"

Postby Dyffryn Studios » 11:57, 20 May 2017

I play in a 5 piece , Vocal, Lead Guitar, Bass, Drums and me on Keyboards and other instruments.
For addicted to love. Lead guitar does the grungy rhythm and I have created this multi patch.
It has the brass down the lower end of the keyboard and the Synth guitar at the top end.
Here is a very rough and ready mp3 of the patch. Happy to share what voices I used if of interest. Rob
Addicted Patch.mp3
Addicted Patch sample
(578.3 KiB) Downloaded 47 times
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