EXP 12 - EXP 16, what do you wish?

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EXP 12 - EXP 16, what do you wish?

Postby Stealth » 23:30, 14 August 2017

Provided that there will be more EXP's for our FA's, what would you wish for?

My pick is Jean-Michele Jarre collection. I find that these kind of sounds ultimately miss from the FA.

Some other choices include EXP completely dedicated to:
high quality choir sounds, vocal phrases and solo's (some on the Orchestral EXP are fabulous!),
Natural and Synth EFX and Sci-Fi (these could be sampled to pads),
Renaissance and Baroque (very subjective!), and
Legendary synth sounds (sounds that defined music, from Keith Emerson, Tomita, and hits, like from that "Final countdown" synth solo to "Gangam style" synth).
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Re: EXP 12 - EXP 16, what do you wish?

Postby stevel » 03:47, 15 August 2017

We've discussed this a bit before.

For me:

Classic Cover Band Sounds - especially those from the 80s - Journey, Rush (the Tom Sawyer sound!) and stuff like that.

I wouldn't mind having more of the Roland back catalog - I love the sounds in my Sound Canvas (SC 88 ST Pro) and in many ways find some of them far better than what's in the FA (alternatively, this would be nice to have in the Integra sets like Synth legends Pure).

Same thing with non-Roland synths - would love more Moog, Prophet, ARP, Buchla, etc. They have like 10 million Moog bass lines and few leads. What about the "Frankenstein" kind of effects?

To me, the sample things are kind of "cutesy" and become cliched really quickly. The Gregorian Chant one is cool for example, but really, I'd never use that except maybe for a special effect - and then, really, I'd feel bad because everyone would be like, "oh, that's that patch..."

But I would absolutely LOVE a bank of "nature" sounds and other sound effects not unlike the ones that used to come with Garageband - "moo", "ribbit", "woof woof" - radio station tuning, "radio bumpers", etc. - I suppose one could sample all those in - and they would maybe be better for a sample bank.

The EXP 03 has all those little guitar riffs and thing, and again, they're kind of cutesy/corny and become very cliched real quick (plus many are not at the same tempo...) but I wouldn't mind having far more things like that that would actually be useful - IOW, "non-specific" in terms of notes or riffs, etc., but something you could use to do sound effects to a documentary film beyond what's already included.

I don't think there's a really good wind effect in the FA. It's far better on my Sound Canvas!

You know, as many drum sets as it has, I'd hate to say it needs more, but I find some major flaws with many of the kits - you really have to combine kits to get a "real" sounding drum kit - either the cymbals are too bright, or too dark, and it while it's kind of cool they strove for accuracy in having the snare drum buzz get picked up on the kick drum and tom samples, it's a little over the top on some of them. And likewise, the low tom often has this ridiculous over-ring on it that sounds totally unrealistic.

So I'd love to seem some REALLY WELL RECORDED drum samples that are more realistic or that has more "mix and match" capabilities on a single patch - I can get all the talking drum and castanets off another patch.

What I need is a drum patch with 10 snares, 10 kicks, 10 rides, 10 floor toms, and so on so I can mix and match within the patch rather than using 6 patches to get a decent mixture of drums.

It would also be much easier to mix and match when you do want a different kit mixture for the next tune...

Legendary Cover Band Sounds.
Legendary Roland Synths.
Legendary Non-Roland Synths.
Sound Effects or Drum/Percussion sets with effects sets mixed in, different sound on each key...
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Re: EXP 12 - EXP 16, what do you wish?

Postby Radon_22 » 15:21, 15 August 2017

For me, electric guitars and drum kits are the weakest links in the FA's repertoire. (I'll share my home-grown ones at some point.) I'd like to see some focus here.

Beyond that- there's enough classic keys/pianos that any more would be redundant. More modern "radio friendly" sounds would be welcome.
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Re: EXP 12 - EXP 16, what do you wish?

Postby Skijumptoes » 16:05, 15 August 2017

I'd want a blank EXP that you can pop your own samples into! :)

Failing that, a real left field bank of samples would be most welcome, with sound fx and unusual trancey/ambient sounds and vocals that can't be created via the synth engine.
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Re: EXP 12 - EXP 16, what do you wish?

Postby o.durmusoglu » 12:55, 17 August 2017

Jarre would be a great great thing
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Re: EXP 12 - EXP 16, what do you wish?

Postby zombietactics » 23:00, 24 August 2017

It's important to keep in mind the difference between an EXP collection and a patch set. Many of the request made already do not require anything new - or any EXP material at all - beyond the onboard Supernatural engines and factory-loaded PCM material. Most of the "classic synths" and "hot of the 80s" type requests fall into this category. I'm not saying those offerings would not be cool ... rather that they don't require a new EXP collection, or even any EXP set at all.

My own personal wish list would include a "classic drum machines" set ... DRUMS ONLY. The FA already has good (enough) 808 sand 909 sounds, the 707/727 (sort of) ... and a good selection of acoustic kits available. What I want are well-crafted LinnDrum, DMX, SP12 kits, etc. which capture the sonic signature and feel of those machines. Key to this would be the inclusion of not only the raw samples, but samples of typical ways they were processed, tuned, etc. ... for instance the classi types of tuning/effects combinations used by Prince, John Carpenter and others.
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Re: EXP 12 - EXP 16, what do you wish?

Postby ElevenPhingahz » 19:32, 29 August 2017

Organ library. :)
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Re: EXP 12 - EXP 16, what do you wish?

Postby FreeEagle » 22:48, 29 August 2017


It would be great to have some oriental / Arabic Sounds (Patches) and good Oriental ( Khaligi-Kit) and Turkey Drumkits. There is a good Library in the Roland E-A7, it would be great if Roland port these Sounds, Drumkits to Roland FA-06/07/08 .

Best Regards,
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Re: EXP 12 - EXP 16, what do you wish?

Postby bennyseven » 18:31, 30 August 2017

FreeEaglw, did you check out the WORLD EXP? There are so many sounds on it from all over the world.
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Re: EXP 12 - EXP 16, what do you wish?

Postby o.durmusoglu » 11:39, 31 August 2017

I expect to hear patches which we are all familiar to hear from known musics from TV, composers (e.g Jarre, Kitaro, Vangelis, Yanni) . So that we will be feeling like we play with them. It is so encouraging thing to get a keyboard and play it.

I expect so.
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Re: EXP 12 - EXP 16, what do you wish?

Postby Maarkr » 19:04, 1 September 2017

you should have a contest and have people submit songs that they would like to have a patch for, then build an exp with the top 100 sounds as voted on by people as their choices.
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