What's your fav FA Sound Library and Integra Library?

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What's your fav FA Sound Library and Integra Library?

Postby Maarkr » 04:13, 30 August 2017

So many sounds. What's your favorite banks and sounds and why? I want to fill the two banks and maybe load one or two from the Integra-7 library.

UPDATE: I found the post with very good info on the FA Sound Library.

I read about a couple of recommendations on the Integra Library, but if someone wants to chime in on their picks, I'd love to read about it.
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Re: What's your fav FA Sound Library and Integra Library?

Postby stevel » 02:52, 2 September 2017

Yeah, I reviewed each of the EXPs.

For the Integra stuff, I put Synth Legends Pure in, which uses 128 user memory slots.

At first I loaded in all the individual ones (D-50, Juno, etc.) but then I found out that SLP either contains all of those, or darn near most of them.

Synth Legends and Synth Legends Pure are the same set, "pure" just doesn't have effects added on the sounds (except where it was part of the original patch being emulated).

I'm old, and more into vintage synths than I am the whole EDM thing, so I haven't tried the others as they really don't appeal to me.

Here's what I would suggest you do - make a backup of the current state of your FA.

Download all of them and just fill up your user memory with all of them (the "collection" ones are what's in the SLP and SL packs so you only need either SLP or SL for all of those).

Decide which ones you want to keep and write them all down.

Go back and reload your previous state backup, and then load in what you want one by one. I think you can choose to load in just a single tone, or you can checkmark what you want and load in only those.

The trick will be that you probably want to load them in in a way that's organized so you can find them later, and if necessary, access them with MSB/LSB/PC numbers (which the user slots do have assigned to them).
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