Which ones are the Integra sounds I imported?

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Which ones are the Integra sounds I imported?

Postby Maarkr » 21:23, 31 August 2017

I imported a library of the Integra-7 sounds. Is there a way for me to tell which sounds are imported and which ones are the default sounds?

Never mind... they are the ones in the synth section that start with SL-

I was wondering if they were grouped in a Bank like the EXP- collections, but no.
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Re: Which ones are the Integra sounds I imported?

Postby stevel » 02:36, 2 September 2017

Actually though there is something I'm not sure if you understand or not, so I'll put it here:

The "SL" sounds are "Synth Legends" sounds.

So yes, they all begin with that.

However, your FA has X number of Preset Patches and X number of USER Patches.

The User Patches are empty memory slots in which you can store your own sounds.

The EXP things are empty memory slots too, but they're all factory presets - you can't save anything into them other than the EXPs.

So an EXP is just like the internal factory presets, just that you can add them in or take them out at will (though a maximum of two at a time).

The Integra sounds instead are "using up" your User Memory - a portion of the internal that is set aside for you to save your own sounds (which are either copies of or modifications of the preset tones and patches) in.

So you've essentially "used up" 128 of your user memory slots (I think that's how many are in SL).

Luckily, they're SN-S sounds so you've got plenty User slots to use.

Another difference is, since you loaded the Integra sounds into a User Slot, you should be able to edit them and save them into the exact same spot - that's not something you can do with a factory patch.

These are, in effect, sounds you could make yourself, but someone else just already made them for you.
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