Simple way to improve Piano

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Simple way to improve Piano

Postby Aldan » 09:35, 6 September 2017

Hi folks,
Have tried all available piano sounds for FA-06 (and SNs and EXPs).
No doubt, SNs mimic real thing almost perfect.
But, to my taste, SNs are sounding "too transparent", especially when playing via headphones.
I personally don't hear enough "support" in sounding note.

So, i figured out very simple way to make SNs sounding much SOLID just by layering two different SNs.
For example, my favorite combination consists of:
Upright on top with volume = 94 and
DeepGrand2 below with volume a bit less= 82
and in addition just small adjustments of basic effects for both layers:
Chorus=0, because no need when two tones are sounding
Reverb=i prefer Room 2 with level about 16-24
and that's it.

I named this combination "Deep Upright" and now that is my defaul studio set.
To my taste, it sounds pretty close to home piano (as i expect it to be).
I use it for training scales and arpeggios and don't feel tiredness from this sound.
What else worth to mention, this combination makes difference in velocity responsiveness of white and black keys on FA-06 less noticeable.

Same approach works well for other SN pianos, try, and select combinations to your taste.
Hope, it helps.
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Re: Simple way to improve Piano

Postby Skijumptoes » 10:00, 6 September 2017

Play with the compression and tone knob on your sound modify section too to bring any of the FA sounds to the front of a mix, or conversely make it more transparent.
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Re: Simple way to improve Piano

Postby stevel » 22:20, 6 September 2017

This is actually great advice from the OP.

In the old days we actually had to create sounds from scratch!

Then, we usually didn't want to use a preset - we almost always either modified a preset, or combined two or more sounds to create something unique that was a. better than the original, b. more suited to our needs, and c. harder for other people to copy!!!

Now it seems like people are lazy and just pick default patches - and now becuase we have so many it's easier to do than ever (and I have to admit, I rarely do anything but the default patch not other than for specific purposes).

However I will say it's pretty obvious from the way Roland designed the FA with the ability to have up to 16 parts layered, that their intention was for users to create unique sounds by layering preset tones in the same way we might have made unique patches by layering preset samples in the past.

Aldan's solution is something we should always remember we have the option of doing!
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Re: Simple way to improve Piano

Postby Maarkr » 01:08, 7 September 2017

long-time pianist? I'd like to know your touch settings and sensitivity?
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Re: Simple way to improve Piano

Postby Aldan » 09:12, 7 September 2017

In my opinion there are no "sweetpot" within available velocity curves in FA-06.
So finally i get used to default.
But...that is definitely area for improvements for Roland.
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Re: Simple way to improve Piano

Postby Paul99 » 16:15, 7 September 2017

I am also quite curious how you guys have set the velocity curve parameters. I am experimenting but I haven't found what I'm looking for...U2? ;-)
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