Create a D-50 Studio (sub) Set

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Create a D-50 Studio (sub) Set

Postby Jdoo » 04:34, 13 September 2017

I was going to post up this studio set... but thought instead, I would remind folks about some of the free stuff out there, and instructional videos (including a couple of great new ones... and how you can use them).

The release of the Boutique D-05 this past weekend, reminded me that there were some D-50 patches that Roland had made available on Axial for us FA users. There are 10 (excellent) D-50 patches in the Axial Integra-7 D-50 collection.

How can you get those 10 free Integra-7 patches onto your FA? Ed DIaz has a great video on that here: It's not just D-50 sounds... but a load of other Integra-7 collections. If you haven't done this... do it. For purposes of what I'm going on about though - definitely load up the D-50 collection onto your FA, following Ed's video.

Once that is done - you can create a Studio Set (for easy retrieval) or just load the D-50 patches as you create other Studio Sets. In my case... I wanted all the D-50 patches in a single set... so I generated a fresh studio set.

This new Studio set... i decided to setup a "Keyboard Switch Group" which is part of the FA 2.0 release. Ed has a video on how to create those here:

That's pretty much it. I used a switch group mostly so I could bring up the patches quickly / edit them to what I wanted to use in other Studio Sets. Anyway.. like I said - it's nowhere near the 384 patches of the Boutique... and you dont get the Boutique's joystick, to morph around these patches (though... several of the sounds are triggered/altered pretty radically by cutoff frequency - so an expression pedal can have a nice effect on these patches.

If you havent dinked around with loading the free Integra sounds from Axial -- you really owe it to yourself, to watch Ed's video. In addition to all the FA-specific stuff on Axial... the Integra-7 sounds have some really nice classic sounds.

#3 - Soundtrack: ... dtrack.mp3
#4 - Staccato Heaven: ... Heaven.mp3
1|SLO-D50 Fantasia
2|SLO-D50 Calliope
3|SLO-D50 SndTrack
4|SLO-D50 Stac Hvn
5|SLO-D50 FltBrass
6|SLO-D50 NylAtmos
8|SLO-D50 SPolysyn
9|SLO-D50 Nitemare
What sounds are these?
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Re: Create a D-50 Studio (sub) Set

Postby Jdoo » 19:12, 13 September 2017

..more? EXP11 has several more D-50 sounds (a couple of dupes, but plenty enough to round out a 16 tone Studio Set).
EXP11 Tones 108-125 = D50...
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Re: Create a D-50 Studio (sub) Set

Postby stevel » 01:07, 14 September 2017

I did the same thing - I created a number of studio sets for Juno, Jupiter, D-50 sounds etc. and used the keyboard groups just to select each sound out of the 16. It's a quick way to audition the sounds rather than hunt all over for them!

I've done the same with Pianos, Electric Pianos, Basses, etc.

Some of them take more than one studio set but I organized them with the Favorites as well so I can recall a set of similar sounds quickly and then audition them quickly.

Pretty useful for me.
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